Use the Microsoft Teams 'Tags' feature

How to create tags for groups of people in a Team

By Bradley J. Kennedy

Got a Team with lots of users and only need to notify a select few? Here is the answer!

Creating ‘Tags’ for a Team

  1. On your team, choose the elipses ‘More Options’ then select ‘Manage tags’

  2. You can then create a new tag. Choose ‘Create Tag’

  3. Give your tag a name. This is what you will use to tag in a conversation/announcement.

  4. Add the relevant people to the tag by searching by name or email. When finished click ‘Create’.

  5. When you are ready to use the tag, simply type the ‘@’ symbol and begin typing the name of your tag, it will come up with a suggestion and you can click that, or press enter.

    When you post your message/annoucnement only those who are part of the tag will recieve the notification.

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